Strategic Exposure

The Anderson List is not another social network. It's a brand of connectors, ministry movers, and overall good people with whom we've done life. Our site is not a popularity contest of likes and follower stats. We are not a site designed to feature who is hot right now in the ministry game. To be perfectly clear, we don't care about trends and fleeting fads; we care about people who are making a difference. Our contributors are shining a light on people who are truly illuminating their areas of the world. Our hope is to connect you with great people who can help you as you are trying to change the world around you.

People You Should Connect With

David Nelson

David Nelson - Corona, CA

Ivy Julease Newman

Ivy Julease Newman - New York, NY

Baret Fawbush

Baret Fawbush - Poseyville IN

Jamal Miller

Jamal Miller - Oak Lawn, il

Mark Munoz

Mark Munoz - Mission Viejo, CA

Dustin Adkison

Dustin Adkison - Forest Park, IL

Nate Yeske

Nate Yeske - Lawrenceville, GA

Dr. Tracy Paino

Dr. Tracy Paino - Apple Valley MN